How much do you charge?
Every photo is as unique. The price starts at $15 per image.
How can we pay you?
I accept paypal, bank cards and wire transfers.
I have an urgent project. How fast do you work?
I work pretty fast but due to the current workload I am not able to perform urgent projects. Please contact me at least two days ahead of the deadline.
How can I send you the files?
We can use file sharing services like Dropbox or FTP.
What file format should I send you?
I work with every kind of graphic files (JPG, TIFF etc) but prefer RAW files in case of precise color correction.
Do you teach?
I have been teaching Photoshop in European Humanities University, Lithiania, for 5 years. Please contact me if you have a vacancy.
What software do you use?
My main tool is Adobe Photoshop CC as part of Creative Cloud. Capture One RAW converter, Topaz Labs plug-ins are also in use.
What workstation do you use?
I own a Dell Precision T1700 workstation and highly recommend it for power and small form factor. PA272W and 2090UXi NEC color-calibrated displays perfectly match the workstation.
More questions? Please contact me