How much do you charge?
Every photo is as unique. The price starts at $20 per image.
How can we pay you?
I accept paypal, bank cards and wire transfers.
Where are you based?
The company is based in Vilnius, Lithuania, northern Europe. We can use the time difference as an advantage, you can work done by morning US time.
I have an urgent project. How fast do you work?
I work pretty fast but due to the current workload I am not able to perform urgent projects. Please contact me at least two days ahead of the deadline.
How can I send you the files?
We can use file sharing services like Dropbox or FTP.
What file format should I send you?
I work with every kind of graphic files (JPG, TIFF etc) but prefer RAW files in case of precise color correction.
Do you teach?
I have been teaching Photoshop in European Humanities University, Lithiania, for 5 years. Please contact me if you have a vacancy.
What software do you use?
My main tool is Adobe Photoshop CC as part of Creative Cloud. Capture One RAW converter, Topaz Labs plug-ins are also in use.
What workstation do you use?
I own a Dell Precision T1700 workstation and highly recommend it for power and small form factor. PA272W and 2090UXi NEC color-calibrated displays perfectly match the workstation.
More questions? Please contact me